​Carolyn Panzica                           Bill Panzica

Catherine Humphrey                   Jim Granville

Marta Hiczewski​                           Greg Hiczewski

Bryan Wittman                             Paul Taylor

​Doug Yeomans​​ 

Board of Directors

We believe that creativity fuels life, enriches a community and is critical for future generations.

We advocate for the arts in all forms and for artists from all backgrounds.

We will inspire growth and learning in our community.

We will provide a safe and collaborative environment fostering creativity through innovation, imagination, and support.

Our vision is to become an artistic destination where education and performance create a supportive and inspiring environment. Our aim is to reach members of our community who may not have access to the arts.

Our Mission

Our Values

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide a venue that encourages the collaboration and growth of amateur and professional artists in our community and throughout Western New York.